Welcome to Siloboy.com

I'm Alexander Michael, your site host, and the proud owner of this extraordinary relic of Cold War USA. This Atlas-F ICBM silo was designated by the US Airforce in 1960 as Boquett 556-5 or Lewis Missile Base, but for other reasons as well as the poetic irony, I prefer to call it Bouquet 556.

Photo by Grant Mathews of Mondo Studio for Vogue.

As I live and work in Sydney Australia, I only have the opportunity to visit the silo twice a year: once in April, and once in October for three weeks a time. Work has therefore slowly but steadily progressed towards my ultimate goal of uniting Boquett 556-5 with the 21st century and a new (feasible) life.


To date, most of the restoration work on the LCC (see left) has been completed, and it now functions as a modern and fully equipped underground residence (see My Silo link). Work is also complete on the Utility Tunnel: the underground passage that connects the LCC to Level Three of the Silo.

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With the living quarters out of the way, attention turned to the five acre security compound of the surface world. In the Spring of 2005, I began the daunting task of restoring all the above-ground elements of the complex which survived the last forty years, plus undertook what's to be the beginning of a beautifully landscaped parkland.

If anyone knows who did this lovely drawing, I’d like to credit them.

When landscaping is finally complete, work will start on the rehabilitation of the main Silo. As anyone who knows anything about the condition of these silos, it will indeed be a mammoth task, taking god-knows how long to complete, but it's still a worthy task, and one I'm looking forward to. To my knowledge, no contemporary owner of an F site has ever attempted to do this.

The primary purpose of this website is to showcase the silo and what has been achieved over the ten years since I took possession of it, So for starters, I’ll introduce you to the silo.

The two images below are axo drawings of the LCC or Launch Control Center where I live and work (when in town). The other is the silo itself. You can click on either for a larger image in a new window.